Quality Policy

1. To produce reliable products that can respond to current customer demands, to ensure that they are easily accessible and to make them sustainable.
2. To manage customer feedback effectively, to increase product quality and customer satisfaction by continuously improving our processes.
3. To become the leading manufacturer in the field of medical orthopedics by increasing the Variteks brand value in the domestic and international markets.
4. To operate the R&D process efficiently, to develop the products in a way that they are constantly up-to-date and to design new products.
5. To raise awareness of suppliers about Variteks quality policy and practices, as it affects production and processes, and to create an effective working system in this direction.
6. To carry out preventive actions by correctly managing process risks and to ensure quality business continuity.
7. To strengthen team spirit by encouraging employee participation.
8. To support the development of employees, to invest in people.
9. To make the necessary improvements by fulfilling all the requirements of the medical devices directive in accordance with ISO 13485: 2016 standards and Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017 / 745 of our Quality Management System. determined as our quality policy.