Custom Made

Varicose Stocking

The varicose is derived from the Latin word "varix" which means curved. Widening of the veins in the legs by stretching and bending in an irregular manner is called as varicose veins. Varicose stockings are the clothes in which strong pressure is applied on the ankle and as it goes up the pressure decreases gradually. The application of the strongest pressure to the ankle, in accordance with the standard, and the gradual decrease of this pressure as you go up helps the leg muscles to perform their mechanical functions naturally and helps the blood circulations by moving the blood up again.


Why Custom Made Varicose Stocking:

Varicose stockings are produced according to standards. However, each person has a unique anatomy. Researches indicate that 20% of compression stockings users are not anatomically suitable for standard body sizes. The most important point to benefit from compression stockings is to use the appropriate sized product. People who cannot use standard size compression stockings should consult a professional and use compression socks produced in accordance with their anatomy.

Benefits of Custom Made Varicose Stocking:

Thanks to the special compression stockings produced for your leg, providing maximum efficiency as the compression is given to the right points at right degrees.

For whom is a Custom Made Varicose stocking?

If your leg measurements do not match the standard leg measurement chart, if the leg circumference is wide-narrow or long-short outside the standards, if there is a significant difference between the right and left leg circumference, if the leg length and circumference are not compatible with each other, it will be appropriate to use custom made varicose stockings.

How to measure for Custom Made Varicose Stocking:
The circumference and length measurements to be taken will vary according to the model of the stocking (below the knee, above the knee, with panty). Separate measurements must be made for each pressure point. Our company provides training to our distributors or the authorities at the pharmacies to take patient leg size for custom made varicose stockings. Training participation certificate is issued to the staff of our distributors.

Why Variteks Custom Made Varicose Stocking:

Variteks has reached the ability to produce custom made varicose stockings thanks to its experience of more than 60 years and the production capacity of varicose veins that has recently increased. The fact that this product is ordered from abroad and consequently the patient's inability to get custom made varicose stockings quickly and having to bear high costs due to being imported has prompted us to produce in this regard.

In addition to the machine park required for the production of custom made varicose stockings, the pressure test, which is one of the most important issues in compression stockings, is performed in our personal compression test machine.

This service of Variteks, the first and only Turkish company to produce custom made varicose stockings, has emerged as a result of a project supported by TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

How should the Custom Made Varicose Stocking be cleaned and how it should be washed:

It should be washed in 30 degrees water with soap by hand without rubbing. It is not machine washed. It is dried on a towel at room temperature. Do not dry in the machine, do not dry clean, do not wring, iron, use detergent, softener and bleach.