Standard Korstex Medical and Hygienic Products Company, which was established by Nimet Öztürkatalay in 1958 and Variteks Ortopedi Sanayi A.Ş, joined the group in 1985, became the leader corporation on its subject in Türkiye with its continuously improving structure and without compromise from quality just beginning from the date of foundation until today.

Our story, which we started by making our first corset in a small workshop, goes on with modern facilities, experienced specialist team and updated corporate structure in our new factory building of over 16.000 m2 which is in free zone in İstanbul.

In our factory, which provides the highest level of efficiency in production with its architecture; beside the efficiency in production we prioritize efficiency in energy, which is needed by our world. The features that bring this efficiency have enabled our building to be the first green building certified factory among the medical device production facilities in Türkiye. This situation, which we consider socially and humanely responsible, also supports the sustainability of the affordable price - quality product balance, which has been our policy for a long time.

We are aware that the product we produce is a medical device. System and product standards, compliance with social standards, registration procedures required by the legislation and the traceability process are followed meticulously in our factory.

For us, satisfaction is not just about the satisfaction of our customers in Türkiye and more than 80 countries we export to. What we want is that let anyone, who needs, reach our products and everyone, who uses it, satisfy.

We are also aware of the responsibility of maintaining the standard and always doing better, which comes to us from being the first exporter of Türkiye in its field.

The investments we make today, with the strength we derive from our past experience and story, become our source of confidence for the future.

We go on easing movement, providing support with comfort, renewing and moving forward.  You must go on too without giving up!


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