Standard Korstex Medical and Orthopedics Products, established by Nimet Öztürkatalay in 1958 and VARİTEKS Ortopedi Sanayi A.Ş. which joined the Group in 1985; within its 63 years of operation and its continuous improving structure Variteks has operated without sacrificing quality from the date of its foundation up until today and became the leader Corporation on its sector in Turkey. The most important factor underlying our success is manufacturing high quality products with the lowest possible costs and observes the process from the production up until the final point of consumption. This strict policy and 63 years’ experience enabled us to break several new grounds in the subject of orthopedic products. The products produced by our group today, compete in the World-wide markets. Decades earlier our firm was set as a small workshop, today has a modern facility that exceeds to 8000m2, with the latest technology products equipment, expert staff and R&D department that constantly follows innovations. Our company not only meets the needs in Turkey, it has become a brand that is requested by name in more than 70 countries, mainly European countries. With the rightful pride of being the leader company of Turkey on its own subject, VARİTEKS and STANDARD KORSTEX products have always been and will always be the most correct Solution on the subject of medical and orthopedic products.

Yours sincerely,
Okan Öztürkatalay